Transfer of Licence

petteri.miinalainen shared this question 7 years ago

transfer of license - how do i deactiviate? There are many questions here about this very topic. I understand that you want only licenced usage, but it seems that it's not very intuitive process of how to transfer licence. I've been looking at all the menus, preferences and searching for this site. We need either transfer licence button in preferences or simple and highly visible link at justinmind pages.Many people commute to work and it's not so nice to drag computer back and forth. Would be so much nicer if i could have same licence active on 2 computer (not at same time, checks with server) or that there would be simple button for doing this. When i was buying JIM prototyper, i actually asked whether licence allows me to use it on two separate computers and answer was "yes". Now, the thruth is more like "kinda". I can't allow any lead time in activation, so it must be automatic when i start using it on the other computer.

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You can find the license deactivation option in the 'Help' menu. If necessary, in the following link there is a tutorial about activation/deactivation. Please check last page of this tutorial:

License installation tutorial

I agree it is not a very intuitive process so we may work on it in a future. Thanks for your comprehension.