Testing prototype on iPhone not working, using usernote and 'no js' option during test

Tim Ingvorsen shared this problem 6 years ago

How do i test my iOS app prototype with usernote?

If i create a test, without using a service, like usertesting.com, then i have to disable JScript to use my iOS safari browser..

This however, seems to not be working. I cant press the image maps, or the drag and drop hyperlinks, meaning im not able to navigate through the different views.

What to do?

Regards and avid user

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Nevermind.. It works now.

I must have done something wrong!

Feel free to delete this thread :)


Hi Tim,

When you publish your prototype for test and select the option "No javascript required" you are not including any additional Javascript code for testing purposes, but you aren't disabling the Javascript that makes the prototype interactive..So this shouldn't be the cause of your problem. Maybe it's something specific related with your prototype.

Could you do a simple test? Create a new prototype with few components and add one or two links. Once you do this, publish your prototype for testing and test if it works on your iPhone,