Tablabor and Prototyper not working?

Lior Aouate shared this problem 6 years ago
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I've just purchased Tablabor for my ipad and I can't seem to be able to upload a prototype file to the app.

Is this normal? I tried contacting the creators but no answer yet.

Also, if it is not working with current versions of Prototyper, why do you recommend to use it on the forum???

p.s. is there another solution for this to work on an ipad?

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We've just checked it at it seems to work fine. Here are some instructions of what you need to do to run the prototype using Taplabor:

First set up a dropbox account (a free one is more than enough)

Export your prototype from Prototyper to HTML files

Upload the entire HTML exported folder to your dropbox account using the Dropbox desktop application (the web one won't let you upload an entire folder).

Connect Taplabor with your Dropbox account and select the prototype you uploaded.



It's a pity it isn't mentioned, since exported to HTML only works on the pro version of Prototyper.


Ooops, you're right. We will try to change it in the tutorial.