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Swipe gesture is blocked by Rich Text Block inside Dynamic Panel

dbarrett shared this question 6 years ago


I've set up a dynamic panel to simulate a slide-show as shown in this video: I have 2 panels inside the master dynamic panel. First I used the on_swipe-left gesture with the slide-left transition to go from Panel_1 to Panel_2, then I used the on_swipe-right gesture with the slide-right transition to go from Panel_2 back to Panel_1.


When I add anything to any panel, such as a shape, or a block of rich text, the swipe gesture is interrupted by the rich text block and therefore the gesture does not fire the transition. The gesture only registers on those areas Is there some way to group the rich text block and Panel_2 for instance so that the gesture will register anywhere in Panel_2 regardless of content, shapes, text, ect.?


I've tried to append the same on_swipe-right/slide-right, on_swipe-left/slide-left (gesture/transition) combo to the contents of each Panel. I got mixed results. It solved the problem for the Panel with the shape (meaning- anywhere you swipe on the panel registers as a swipe and triggers the interaction), but it did not solve the problem for the rich text block (in addition, the text is also not scrolling vertically either now)