"Stupid User Tricks": Multiple Search Windows

Dave shared this question 4 years ago

Pressing the keyboard shortcut Command-F (on a Mac, probably Control-F on Windows) activates the search panel. Once the search panel is open, the Find command is disabled in the menu, and Command-F has no effect.

This is to be expected.

Repeatedly clicking the magnifying-glass icon in the toolbar, however, will open up as many search panels as the user wants.

Is this the intended behavior? It doesn't seem to break anything: all of the opened search windows work correctly and independently.

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Hi Dave,

It wasn't designed to work like this but it seems that it can be useful so I'm going to file an issue so that both opitions (cimmand-f and clicking on the magnifying glass) work.

We will let you know in which version the inconsistency is solved as soon as we know.




I'm glad I "broke" it in an interesting way ;-).