Steps to have iPad Slide Unlock button to work

Galina T shared this problem 5 years ago

Someone, please help us to have this iPad slide unlock button to work. Could you please guide us through the steps on how to get this button to work (slide, move and link to another page). We need your help ASAP.

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1. create two screens, one for the lock and the other one for the desktop.

2. go to the templates and add one background image.

3. go to the lock screen and drag three labels, one image map and one right narrow (you can use the iOS7 widget libraries. download it from Change the size, the position and the color of all the elements to seems them more realistics.


4. Click on the canvas, go to events, and create an "on page load" event. Select "set value", click on the "clock" label, click on "calculated", select the constant tab and drag the "System Hour" constant. Then, click ok and ok again.

5. Repeat the last step but select the date label and choose the "system date" instead of the "system hour".

6. Now, select the "slide to unlock" label, and create "on drag" event. Select move, select the same label, select "with cursor" option and "axis X". then, click ok.

7. Click on the arrow next to "do" and repeat the last step for the other labels and the arrow.

8. With the "slide to unlock" label selected, add a new event, in this case you have to select "on drag end". Click on the pencil and select the image map. Then, choose the "show / hide" action, select the "hide" button and select the label.

9. Repeat the last step but changing the object inside the interaction dialog. The interactions have to be done with the same label.

10. Include a "link to" action with the show / hide actions. Select the "desktop" screen. Your canvas and the events tab should look like this.