Some questions about Transition Effects and Show/Hide

Christopher Winter shared this question 6 years ago

Two questions for mobile prototypes:

1-I'm trying some of the Transition Effects, but when I simulate, it slides (or flips or whatevers) the entire page, and not just what appears in the iPhone template. I've watched the demo on line and do not see what setting is different.

2-I've got some components that are set to Hide on page load, but they are not-so-briefly visible during the load. There are no effects set on the hide. Is there anyway to make these be truly invisible during page load?

thanks - chris

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1) If you want to use transition effects in links then you don't have to draw your screens with the iPhone's template. But if you want to use the iPhone template anyway then the only thing you can do is to place all your prototype inside dynamic panels in one screen with the iPhone template and then apply transition effects in each change of panel instead of making links. Anyway, transition effects are pretty new, so now that we see the problems a user can have we will work to make them more usable.

2) Yes, instead of using on page load events, select the elements you want to hide, go to the properties panel and click the 'eye' icon.


Thanks, Victor.