Slow responsiveness on mac

Ibrahim Turan shared this problem 7 years ago

When opening a .vp file with a lot of screens (or templates), the whole application gets very slow (4.3.1) on a MacPro with 4gb and 2,66 Ghz!

Also opening a screen with a lot of items (labels, pictures) makes the application work very slow, it's unworkable, very slow responsiveness.

All other things on my mac keep going on quickly when this happens, and I also seem to have ram + cpu power available.

Also when opening a new .VP file with nothing in it the application works fine :) this only happens when making huge prototypes (like now)..

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Could you sendthe prototype to jim dot development at justinmind dot com have a look please? That will really help us.


Ofcourse! It's done :)