Slider control template - set variables at different positions

Stacey Rogers shared this question 4 years ago

Is there a template anywhere of a slider control which you can set to have X variables?

I'd like to make a slider control on touch device whereby depending on the position then it would set a value of a variable to:

- Extremely likely

- Likely

- Neither likely or unlikely

- Unlikely

- Extremely unlikley

Sort of like this design ...


Im using a radio button list for this at the minute but thats not appropriate as its a range of values not a list.

Ideally I would like this to work on a touch device based on a drag action.

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Hi Stacey,

Unfortunately there is no such predefined slider widget but here's an example created with version 6.1 that may help you:

The idea is to create 'drop' areas using Dynamic Panels. In the example I've created one Dynamic Panel for each option in the slider. Then define 'on Drop' events for the bullet for each drop panel. When the user drops the bullet it is inserted in the corresponding panel using the action 'Insert Into'. Panels also have a centered layout to reposition the bullet when it is inserted.

I hope it helps.


Perfect! Thanks! I did wonder whether parent panels might be the answer and indeed they look like they are!

Thanks again