Single and double sliders

Chuck Clanton shared this question 6 years ago

I need sliders: a single slider and a double slider. I have found some sliders here but none of them seems to work very well in simulation...i.e. click down and drag to move it smoothly and instantly...staying in place on the Y axis while moving smoothly in X even if the cursor does not stay even in Y. Can someone point me to an implementation?

I am new to justinmind, evaluating it for our UX department. I am discouraged that I need to implement a slider since this is provided in most other toolkits. If it is easy to implement a slider that functions correctly, that would boost my mood considerably! :-) The fact that I have found sliders where the thumb moves off the line, where click down does not make it instantly and easily draggable, etc makes me worry that it is not easy to implement a slider with a smooth simulation.

Can someone help me? Thanks!

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Here is an example:

How to build it? draw the slider lines, then the thing you are going to move. Add an ondrag event on the thing you want to move and select move in ‘x’ coordinate only and ‘constraint in container’. Finally select all (the lines and the moving thing) and rightclick-> group in a dynamic panel.