Simulation character encoding problem

Artur shared this problem 4 years ago


I've installed Justinmind 6.1.0 on Win 7. I'm using polish special characters in my prototypes. Everything seems fine in the editor but once the simulation is loaded into the browser (in chrome on Win7, in chrome/FF on Ubuntu) my local characters are replaced with "replacement character" U+FFFD. I've tried different encodings in the browser but that didn't work. I've exported to HTML and in the source files I've found the replacement characters as well which leads me to a conclusion that there must be some encoding translation problem in the export process. I haven'f found any export settings dealing with encoding.

As said before, the characters are displayed fine in Justinmind.

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That's because the fonts are not embedded with the HTML. The only fonts that can do that are the Google Fonts ones inside Justinmind. There's a hack to embed the font though. You'll need to copy the .ttf inside the 'fonts' directory that is inside Justinmind's installation folder. Then, deactivate that font from your computer. Next, open Justinmind and change all the texts to this font (It'll be list in the fonts selector with a red icon next to it). Now, if you export the prototype they should display correctly.


Many thanks for your reply. The font I'm using is Arial and this is quite strange that the browser would not handle it. Moreover the source html files have the local chars already replaced. If I change the source file character in text editor they are displayed correctly. Based on this my assumption is still the encoding error during export.