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First Victor thank you for all your help!!!! I suggest you expand the users manual and help content. I always go there first before posting. The user manual is not really much help. Here is what I want to know. I have a garment that i am adding a textile pattern to. In the app the user can click on any available textile and then any of the parts of the garment (sleeves, neckline, bodice, main body style) and they fill with the chosen fabric on being clicked. In the prototype I am allowing only one textile choice. I have created screens and instructions that lead the user through picking a specific part in a specific order to complete the garment. I would love to give the true experience of the app by allowing them (the user) to choose the textile and then pick any part of the garment to fill it and eventually end with the completed garment. Is there a way to create this? or is the best way to deal with this is the scenario I am currently using?

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I'll pass you through customer support and see if they can make an example for you.