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peterl shared this question 5 years ago

Please can you advise re: simulating searches?

I am using data grid, import csv and intedn a single criteria rule for the search.


1/ Search works perfectly for the 1st selection but the 2nd attempt to search works like the "selection on the first result set not again on the initial whole data grid". Second search thus comes always empty. What am I doing wrong?

2/ Can I implement multiple search criteria?

I cannot convince the builder to allow me the first input field as rule on column 1 and second input field as rule for column 4.

Both rules are intended to be connected with the "&" in the builder?



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Hi Peter,

take a look to this tutorial:

I hope it helps you.


Thanks very much for the response: Perfect.

For others on the forum: please notice there is no data grid "complex_sea...". - it is our customers DataGrid which will contain results

Users need to check very carefully closing brackets and also the fact that expression builder operands ("has"). can be moved during the build process.