Simulate reorder list

Damon shared this question 4 years ago

I need to simulate reordering a list. See the attached picture. Thanks!


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Do you want to reorder it using the arrows?

And do all the selected items have to move upwards/downwards or can you only select one?


Yes, I would re-order using the arrows and you would select one item at a time and move up or down. The checked item would move up or down the list with each arrow press. Only one item at a time could be checked.


I would try using a datamaster with two columns: one for the content and another with numbers ordered from 1 to n (being n the number of elements you want your list to have).

Then order the list by the number.

Then add radio buttons by the name of the item

Then get the row selected, increase/decrease its number by 1 and decrease/increase the number above/below (depending on the button pressed)

Finally reload the data grid (refreshing page for example)