Simulate expanding and collapsing side menu

Damon shared this question 4 years ago

I need to simulate a side menu that has 4 different sections (stacked 1-4 on top of each other). When you arrive at the page, all of the sections are collapsed. You can expand one section at a time to reveal the menu choices under each section. So you would click the plus for section 1 and it would reveal (expand down to show the menu options). You could click the plus for section 2,3,4 to expand them as well. Of course there would be a minus to collapse them. I appreciate any help you can provide! Thanks in advance.

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Hi Damon,

I believe this tutorial will be very useful for what you are trying to simulate:

There is also a widget in the widget library that you can download by clicking on this link:

Import this as a widget library and take a look at the accordion widget.