Simulate a hyperlink to a new screen from a Data Master Detail Grid Cell?

Jess shared this question 6 years ago

I am building a data master detail grid. I have been able to successfully return results from my data master when I search, but I would like one column of data to display as hyperlinks, so that when a user clicks on a hyperlink for a row, it takes the user to a new screen dependant upon the row/cell the user clicked on.

My thought is to have the data in the cell that the user clicks on populate a variable (i.e. store a record title in the variable) so that I can interact with that variable when I show the user the new page (i.e. pull back specific record details for the name stored in the variable).

Any thoughts/alternate recommendations on how to solve this?

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Hi Jess,

First give the cell's content (e.g. a label) the style of a link (color, underline etc.).

Next, there is no dynamic linking, that is, the hypertext's target can not be changed on the fly. However you can use conditions to choose one screen or another based on the content. For instance:

onClick -> if Condition1(value == 1) go to Screen 1 else Condition2(value == 2) go to Screen 2

Your thought to populate a variable is actually the recommended way to pass data between screens. You can limit yourself to a single value (e.g. the record's title) or use the whole record (e.g. chose the data grid's row).

If you have further doubts, please send your prototype to[at]


This information is great - I have a question regarding using a condition to choose one screen or another based on the content. Am I limited to only two conditions? If condition1, else Condition2?

When I try to do more than 2 conditions it doesn't work in the simulator - am I missing a step to make it work?