Simple Image Matching Game

Scot Przybylski shared this problem 6 years ago

I'm working on a simple matching game prototype and I would like:

1. Be able to swipe left and right between three different images in two different groups (a top group and a bottom group).

2. When the top image and bottom image match then show another image that indicates success.

Take a look. This is the farthest I've been able to go. I understand Justinmind can't do everything but perhaps there is a workaround?


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Hi Scot,

Take a look at this example . It uses the focus on (which in Usernote and HTML export has a nice movement effect) to do something like you're trying to do. Then you could control in a couple of variables which images are show every time the users drag any. Finally you can define a condition so that when the variables match then the user wins.