Show navigation menu by placing a dynamic panel within another dynamic panel

Adam Grossman shared this question 6 years ago

I'm trying to simulate a screen move to display a hidden navigation menu on an iPad. The idea is that if you swipe right then the navigation menu will appear on the left as the main screen moves over to the right.

I can simulate this with the dynamic panel representing the main screen shifting to the right (by 200 pixels). Unfortunately, when I do this the screen remains the same size and there are 200 pixels hanging off the right side of the iPad.

In the move dialog for interactions there is an option to "constrain by parent container". I was hoping to find a way to place the dynamic panel that is moving within a parent container that has a horizontal layout. Is that possible?

Is there another suggested path to simulate this functionality?


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I made an example prototype for you. I used dynamic panels and the layout property to collapse/expand them.


Awesome. I never could find the size parameter within the Change Style function.