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Jeff Haddick shared this question 5 years ago

How can I show a Category element (hidden on page load) based on a selection from a picklist? I've tried to use conditional statements like

when "Select-Text" = "specific text"

Show Category

else hide Category

but that is not working. I have a picklist with 7 selections and I need a category element to show when 4 of those are selected.......can't figure out how.

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to be a bit clearer.....If selections 2, 4, 5 OR 7 were selected, i would want to show the category element.

and by picklist, I mean a dropdown


You can use variables , for example:

add a variables ischecked=0 and you have 7 checkbox;

onclick checkbox select value is "checked" and set the variable ischecked=[[variable+1]] (add this event to your every checkbox)


when variable ischecked≥4

do show what u want to show

else hidden