show a group on tap...hide on untap of a checkbox

Godslove Chinekwe shared this problem 5 years ago


I need some help working on iphone template...i need to reveal a group of input and button when a chekc box is tapped and hide the grouped input and button when it is untapped......the reason is that the checkbox has to be selected before the user can see the input and button....Note please I have watched this

I have also looked at this thread

and could not figure it out.,...would appreciate it if i could get some help...perhaps

video simulation of the steps would be great so others can use that later...thanks

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Add to your canva the checkbox and all the inputs and the button that you want to show or hide. Group the elements that you want to be hided by default.

Now, select the checkbox and click on add event. Go to add condition and built this expression.


Now, click on show / hide action, select the group and choose the action show.

To do the oposite action, just click on "else" and built the same action (show / hide), but this time, you have to select the hide option. Also, you have to include the following condition.

That's all


Hi am doing this on iphone template in justtinmind....

it does not seem to be the same

first of all there is no onclick...I can only see ontap...amybe be becaseu it on an iphone template

2. when i do the first event of on tap ...i do not see the "else" tab to click do i get the else i can show the second condition...please


1. For iphone is "on tap". It's the default action when you click "add event".

2. When you have finished the first action with the conditional, on your right, under the action, you will be able to see "else". Take a look to the picture