Set value on a table text does not work inside a datagrid OnPageLoad event.

regis.ramillien shared this problem 7 years ago

Let's describe a simple example:

We create a datamaster with a column "test", we add a datagrid from it.

So, in the "test" cell of the datagrid, we have an input which displays data.

Now, in the same cell, we add a label.

And still on the cell, we add a OnPageLoad which sets the label value to the input.

Therefore, in the cell, we have twice the value (from input and label).

But, if we replace the label by a Text Table, it does not work... And we have a random behavior !? Sometime, the value is displayed, sometimes not... Each time we preview the project, we have another effect...

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My goodness... I'm sorry but I can't understand the case. Could you send an example to jim dot support at justinmind dot com please?


Cannot reproduce for now with a simple example...

I'll reopen a request if it comes again... Sorry for the inconvenience...