Selection glitch in event outline

Dave shared this problem 4 years ago

When expanding a container (a group, in this case) in order to select one of its child widgets, the outline jumps up and one of the child widgets become selected with no action on my part.

This GIF animation shows it happening:

Steps shown in the animation:

1) Event panel is opened

2) Outline scrolled to bring "BizRule_4" into view

3) "BizRule_4" is expanded by clicking the discloser triangle

4) Glitch occurs:

• Outline scrolls up, then down down quite suddenly

• "BizRule_4-Active-Checkbox" image widget become selected

4) I recover:

• Scroll down to bring "BizRule_4-BG" into view

• Select "BizRule_4-BG"

Perhaps it will be helpful to know that "BizRule_5-BG" (which is at the top of the GIF animation after scrolling "BizRule_4" into view) was the target of the event prior to opening the event panel. As separately reported (see "In the Interactions Editor, the "targeted" component is not selected in the Outline" the event editor outline selection indicates that "BizRule_5" is the target), so "BizRule_5-BG" does not appear to be selected in the outline.