Selecting data master record literally, or data grid Row_1 syntax

jackbellisgm shared this question 7 years ago

I have a data master with a few records (ex: Countries: US, Canada). I want to call the "edit" screen for a record (Canada) but instead of doing so from a row in a data grid, I want to do it from a literal link (because I'm faking a 2-level grid). I got a workaround working by first making a hidden data grid; then filtering it to the desired record; then passing "Row_n" to a variable, like the boilerplate 'Generate>Data Grid' page. Isn't there a cleaner way of 'selecting' and passing a record? It looks like I need to know the syntax of what is sent in for example 'Row_1" in some tutorials... or some Filter/Select syntax that I'm not guessing right at.

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You can use a filter function directly on a data master. For instance you can create a set value action on a variable and make a calculated value expression like this 'filter(data master countries,'. Tell me if you need an example.