Selecting row from data grid and using that row entry in subsequent screens

Bob Morgan shared this question 4 years ago

I've seen lots of questions/answers about data grids and selecting a row from that data grid and carrying it to another page. I've tried using set Value, variables, storing an entire row, etc... but still can't get it to work correctly.

I'm trying to do something like this: I have several data masters, one is a customer list with name, another is a data master for each customer and the products that they have purchased and all the details about that product and order.

I want to have the data grid containing the product orders in a dynamic panel. I can load the data grid with the product data for each customer into the dynamic panel. The data grid on this page only contains a subset of the product data master - in this case the product name and order date.

When I tap on the row containing the product name and order date, I want to navigate to a new page and show many more details about that specific order from the first page.

I have tried storing the selected row from the first page into a variable and then navigating to the second page, but it appears that I can not retrieve the additional information for the order since it was never in the selected row on the first page.

Page 1 (data grid below is dynamically created since each customer may have any number of orders)

| Product 1 | OrderDate 1 |

| Product 2 | OrderDate 2 |

| Product 3 | OrderDate 3 |

Tap on row containing "Product 2", want to go to page 2 and show another set of data - more like a form with data elements from the "Product 2" data master - all the details from the order (which were not displayed on the first page).

Any help welcome, thanks in advance.