Select List tied to a Data Master - only want *one* field to display in the dropdown, not all of them.

jjsararas shared this question 5 years ago

I've tied a Data Master to a Select List, but I don't want ALL the fields to appear in the dropdown inline separated by commas (the default). I only want to show one description field. How can I control this? Thanks!

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you have to use a set value action with this calculator operation:



Sorry I'm not able to follow you.

I linked the dropdown to the Data Master, and now it's options in the sim look like:

Field1,Field2,Field3,Field4 (for (Item 1)

Field1,Field2,Field3,Field4 (for (Item 2)

Field1,Field2,Field3,Field4 (for (Item 3) and so on. All linked together by comma, no spaces or formatting.

I'd like to include/exclude some of the fields (e.g the keys) and also add formatting like:

Field2 - Field3, Field4 (replace comma with dash, add a space between the values etc)

I'm not sure how to concatenate these fields using the Set Value action as you suggested. Would you mind giving a little more detail. Much appreciated!