Select 3 components, move left with Shift-←, all three move different distance!

Dave shared this problem 4 years ago


As shown in the GIF animation:

1. I select three sibling components (a background rectangle and two foreground labels) — I have a little trouble selecting at first, so the action begins when I select three components from the bottom up.

2. I use Shift-Left Arrow to attempt to move all three 10px left.

3. Instead, the background moves 30px, the "lower" foreground label moves 20px, and the "upper" foreground label moves 10px.

4. You can see this as I manually select and move them back where they started. I think the recording stops before I move the "upper" foreground label into place.

I'm sorry the GIF is so small — Justinmind's Community shrunk it when I uploaded it. The original GIF is available here:

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Hi Dave,

With the same OS you told me in your other post I'm not being able to reproduce this error. Can you let me know the group/panel structure in which you have the labels and the rectangle?




Relative to the other issue, I'm about to send you the .vp file, which will answer your questions. Thank you.


Great, thanks!