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francis shared this question 5 years ago

Quick question,

On a prototype I have designed, you can be navigated to a certain screen from either one of two different screens. If you selected the button what condition do I have to create so the prototypes understands the screen it originally came from.

E.g. You can be navigated to the 'Renew your Home Insurance' screen from either the 'Welcome' screen or the 'My Home Account'. If I select the button on the 'Renew your Home Insurance' screen how does the prototype know what screen it has come from.

Hope this makes sense.



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you can create a variable called "screen" and add an "on page unload" event. Now, select the "set value" action, select the variable and write the value.


You have to do it in both screens, giving a different value for each screen.

I hope it helps you.