Screen centered horizontally only during simulaton

zsolt shared this question 5 years ago

When I run the simulation the screen is centered only horizontally , vertically stays at the same y as in design mode. Previously I checked the "Center screen's content" option out both for the template and for the screen.

Any ideas?


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Could you describe what are you trying to accomplish? Maybe to be able to see the prototype both in a computer and a real device? If so, the best is to update to the latest version of Prototyper and use the mobile emulators.


Hi ,

When I click on the Simulate button, the simulation window looks like the second image from my previous post. The top of the android frame is not visible. I was expecting to get the centered the whole image both vertically and horizontally. I mean I expected to see my app AND the whole android frame.

I did an HTML export and things looks the same - the top of the android frame is missing.

I have Prototyper 5.5 Pro installed.

Here is the way I built the prototype:

- file -> new prototype -> device:web -> 320x480

- I added to the template an android phone image and positioned it in a way that the active area of the template (the rectangle marked in the bottom-right corner with 320x480) and the screen of the phone match

- I checked the "Center template's content" checkbox

- I switched to screen1 and put some random controls

- I checked the "Center screen's content" checkbox

- I launched the simulation.

What did I wrong?



I think it's better if you use the Android emulator instead of an image of an android phone. Select -> Simulate -> Simulation settings and select the device 'custom'. Then remove the image of the Android phone from all your screens and push simulate.


Thanks for the answer, but it is not exactly what I need. I think it would be quite important to be able to set the environment (frame) to a specific device when you build a quick prototype for a client, and most likely you want to avoid to give extra explanation to your client like "imagine there is a hard back button" or "this is just a generic tablet frame, but actually it will run on a phone like yours" etc.

This is the reason I asked this questions too.

I wanted to make a quick prototype for an android device, export it as html and show it to the client.

Given the market share of the android devices I think they deserve a stronger support from Prototyper team.

Just my 2 cents.