Schematic versions of iOS and Android Interfaces and elements in a library for download

Marquis shared this idea 5 years ago

Hi guys, wondering if/when you would come out with libraries that support schematic versions of popular mobile OS' such as iOS and Android. Actually, if this could be expanded to all OS (desktop and mobile for Windows, Mac, as an example) then that would be fantastic.

Why? While we appreciate the realistic versions of the libraries you've given us to download and use across projects, the schematic version of these libraries gives the impression to clients that we're still in 'build mode' vs close to production from the more realistic ones.

It also give us designers a chance to develop blueprint-style wireframes to provide.

A really good program that does this is UXPin.

I do see that you have some default libraries that come with the program, but again something more schematic to an iPhone and its elements would be very useful to us in the community.

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Thanks for the suggestion. We added it to our customer's wishlist.