Scenarios and scenario reports

petteri.miinalainen shared this idea 6 years ago


could you enhance scenarios and scenario reports with following features, please?

Problems with current implementation:

- now comments print to report newest first, not in the order of sequence.

- comments don't respect line changes etc

- comments don't have text formatting

- no separate notes (explanation of scenario) and comments (what needs to be corrected in scenario)

- scenario objects have formatting context-menu that mostly doesn't affect the screen-icon at all.

-comments can't be attached to objects of scenario, but only to scenario-level

Suggested improvements

- Minimum would to be able make notes to each component of scenario (not comments, those are needed separately)

- able to attach comments to individual objects of scenario

- Make text editor rich text and with tables, bullets etc so that it could be used to document rules, values etc that relate to each screen (when it's not economical to fully prototype those rules etc trough dynamic behavior or multiple screens)

- Allow nesting scenarios within each other e.g. sub-processes that could be also reused etc.

- enhance reporting so, that

1. scenarios are explained object by object (screen/ decision/ action) by attached notes - i.e. what happens in each phase

2. comments are separate part of scenario