Scenario Bugs and Issues in 5.1

Joe Cincotta shared this problem 6 years ago

First things first - we love your product - it's stellar! Recommended it for others and we have adopted it on our team too. We use scenarios heavily though - so need to escalate this to you.

Some issues with 5.1 Scenarios are frustrating...

1. No copy/paste in scenarios (if it's not a bug its a reasonable deficiency)

2. Connections from NOTE elements to other elements disappear between tab switching to other scenarios

3. NOTE elements text box resizes erratically as text is typed in to it.

4. Erratic behaviour of Arrange All on scenarios - exacerbated with no undo after the operation. Seems like a very ambitious feature like 'laying out' which I would understand can screw up once in a while - (it does screw up a lot as soon as you have a complex scenario) - but with no undo it's not a viable feature. Risk is too high.

5. Grid snap is not intuitive - seems like changing the properties will never affect the actual scenario UI, same with show grid and grid size properties.

Hope this is helpful feedback.



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This is really helpful. To be honest, we didn't rely so much on the Scenarios and we've been giving more priority to the User Interface stuff. But it's coming the time when we should go back to scenarios and improve them a bit. We will surely use your feedback when we do it.