Save Problems: Error whilst Saving Prototype

Praveen Chamarthi shared this problem 6 years ago

My prototype is a simple iPhone prototype

For one of the screens I needed a standard App Store screenshot (which is not present in the widgets, surprisingly) so I took a screen shot saved it as a image (PNG) and then imported it into my Project and set it as a background for my screen.

Now that's the only external entity in this project. I made a few more screens with standard available widgets. However, everytime I hit save the application throws me this Dialog titled "Save Problems:" Save Could not be completed. Reason: The file has been changed on the file system.

That doesn't tell me anything! That is the worst error message I've ever seen. Doesn't tell me what to do nor tells me what the error exactly is!!. This is annoying. Now am not sure if my files are saved correctly or not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I'm running V5.0 on Mac OSX 10.8

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That's a weird case. Could you send the logs file to at please?

Logs file:/users/your user/Justinmind/5.0.0/logs.log