Save a data master with a user-specified title? (To be reloaded later)

Jesse Cotari shared this question 5 years ago

Since you guys had a great answer to my last question, I'm posting another one here:

What I'd like to do, but haven't tried yet:

* I'd like the user to be able to put items into a list, using a data grid and data master, creating new rows as described here:

* Then, I'd like to allow the user to save that list, setting a title.

* Later, the user will select the title from a menu, and the list will show up on the page.

My thoughts on how to do this are as follows:

1. Set up the save button, text entry field (for title of list), and a new data master, called "saved_lists", with two attributes / columns: title and list.

2. Set an action on the button to perform a data master action: new.

3. Within the options for "new", specify that the title will come from the text entry field, and the list attribute will be the entire data master (the current list).

4. To load the data master, I'll have a data grid in place, and a "load list" button. Upon selecting a list, the following action will be performed: Set value on the data grid to be Select(saved_lists, list) [set up in the actions dialog]

Will this work? Is there something I'm missing?

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I think I can find an easier way to do it just using one Data Master. Let's say you have the data master Item. That data master has two attributes 'item description' and 'listtitle'.

Then you prototype the add items data grid but the 'new' action just fills the 'item description' attribute. Then, when the user wants to create the list, he enter the list name and press some button for instance. In that button create a 'modify' action. In the first parameter drag the data grid holding the list of items and in the second the title of the list. That will modify all the rows in the data grid.

Finally, the 'load list' option can be just a filter over the data master taking the ones with the specified 'listtitle'


That's much better. I'm starting to get the hang of dealing with data. I'm coming from an R background, so I was trying to use an analogy to the R idiom for selecting data from a data frame, which would be:

displayedData = savedData[listtitle == specifiedListTitle].

Now that I'm getting the idea that you don't have to specify the column with which you're filtering, I think a number of things I was futzing with should work.