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Branch Hendrix shared this question 6 years ago

Are iPhone5 1136x640 & iPad Retina 2048x1536 resolution widgets under development? I assume yes, but was wonder if an ETA existed. target running on the devices. Comparison - in you work within the native iPhone5 retina resolution for design and not the 2x aspect. There output looks great running as home screen'd safari app.

I am about ready to chose Prototyper for our project, but need a clear answer on this.


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Our lastest versions (Prototyper Pro 5.1 and Prototyper Free 2.1) include iPhone/iPad widgets made for Retina resolutions.

While you are editing the prototype on Prototyper you will notice that the components seems to have a size reduced 2x if you compare these sizes with the Retina resolutions(e.g: 1136x640). But the Retina resolution is only applied to the resolution of the images and not to the size of the elements. So if you try to make a prototype and add it a text with the same size of the Retina resolution when you review it on a Retina device(iPhone, iPad) you will notice that the label is too big.

The images used by our widgets have the real retina resolution but the size of the image element is reduced, so the image file is scaled down. This way when you view the HTML prototype on a Retina device, the browser automatically find that the image element have an associated image file with a high resolution and can take profit of the Retina display. On the other hand, if the prototype is viewed on a non Retina device, the image file is viewed scaled down without losing quality but also without taking profit of its high resolution.