Resolution Guides When Developing For Mobile

mister5280 shared this question 6 years ago

how does the resolution guide relate to the template?

example: if i create a template/screen with 1024x768 (VIEW -> RESOLUTION GUIDES), then drag the iPad landscape icon to the canvas.

the resolution guides start at 0 in the top left. if you try to position the iPad landscape icon to match the 1024x768 resolution guide then the top and left portions of the icon are off the canvas. Subsequently when simulating the icon is off screen.

as the icons get placed on the canvas organically the inside screen dimensions are correct at 1024x768 but they don't seem to align with the mobile icons. is this the correct use of resolution guides? is it more to be used for web applications and sites and in the mobile app development sense supposed to be used differently? or are they simply that....a "guide".


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It depends on how are you going to show your prototype to your clients/users. If you plan to show the prototype inside a real iPad then the best is to have the resolution guides (1024x768 even if you plan to show it inside an iPad 3) and then draw all the elements inside that area. Don't drag the iPad landscape icon in that case.

If you want to show the prototype inside a computer then don't use the resolution guides and use the iPad icon as a reference.

I hope this helps you.


that makes sense. i understand the logic now. thanks for the speedy reply!


You're welcome!