Refreshing grid after adding a new record to the underlying datamaster reset any edits in the grid

Michael Heilman shared this question 5 years ago

I use a button to add a new record to a datamaster and then refresh the datagrid to which the datamaster is bound. The new record shows up just find, but if there were any edits to the existing records in the datagrid, those are reset with the refresh.

I want the user to be able to edit a record in the datagrid, then add a new one and edit it, without clearing out their edits in the previous record.

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Take a look at this tutorial:


Thanks for your prompt reply.

I am following the tutorial for adding a new record to a datagrid, doing the two steps of calling a New action for the datamaster, and then refreshing the datagrid with the datamaster. This creates and shows the new record as expected, but gets rid of any editing that has taken place in the data grid.

If you are saying that I need to add a Modify event to every edit of the datagrid in order to persist the changes there, I tried that to no avail.

I have uploaded a file to the support portal. The page I am having trouble with is called viewlist Lineitems.

Thanks for your help.


Thanks, I discovered what I had done wrong in wiring up the grid and calling the Modify.