Radio Button and Email Condition Help Needed

Richard Benson shared this problem 5 years ago


I have been trying to work out how to direct a potential user to a different page and have a certian dynamic panel show depending on the radio button they selected and if they have filled in the email field.

Buyer or Seller | Enter your Email Address_____________ Submit


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I have this condition to check if its a real email address.

when[N[RegEx[ Input1, [a-z0-9!#]]]


Look at the screen shots below. Let me know if you have any questions. I can also send you the .vp file. Just send a request to 73588a8dc681c2d67fda57d9e95cc5a5


Just for clarification on the above screen shots.

Here's how I did it.

1. I placed two radio buttons into canvas and grouped them together.

2. Placed labels 'Supplier' and 'Buyer' next to them

3. Placed a dynamic panel with two panels. Panel 1 says 'Supplier button selected' while panel 2 says 'Buyer' button selected.

4. Place 'Enter Company Email', input box, submit button, and label 'Error! You entered incorrect email.'

5. Lastly, I added the conditions above