Question about wording in Key Switcher tutorial

jackbellisgm shared this question 7 years ago

I've studied the two (?) posts on tab-key-order and got it working fine; thank you for the excellent info and functionality as usual. But I'm just trying to understand if the wording in the tutorial video is incorrect. I'm not trying to nitpick, just be certain I'm seeing the functionality I should be seeing.

“Once exported your prototype will behave just like any other web page.

The switching order depends on the components hierarchy on the page.

You can easily change it using the outline panel.

However if you want to change the order of this behavior you can follow these ... steps...”

A. Does moving fields in the Outline panel change the behavior? I'm not seeing it.

B. The web page does not behave just like any other, right? (All events would seem to be intercepted by your code, thus the need to set tab order with your events.)

Thanks very much. -Jack

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Well, is sad to say but the wording is outdated. It worked that way in the past but now it doesn't. We will take it into account then next time we update the video tutorials. Thanks for your help.