Publishing HTML to my server/domain

David Still shared this question 5 years ago

Evaluating for our business use. Authoring interface is great as is Usernote access.

Problem: sent HTML to my file server and gave it a www.domain label. Can't see anything. Everything seems to be there and properly installed but inaccessible. I tried doing some html editing on the index.html page but could only decipher some JIM coding - didn't know how to get around.

Get me over this and I think you have couple new customers :+)

Thanx mucho..........


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Could you give us further details about how you configured your server? We have plenty of customers that upload the exported HTML to their own web servers and they say it works quite well for them.



Thanx your reply. I went and deleted everything to start clean. I got everything up to server AOK. However, when I look at site thru browser, it has all of the JIM Info & Logo showing on the left margin as it appears in Usernote - exactly the same. 947c82c555ef099fbc31fad966ff78f1

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I tried to do some HTML editing but I am a little rusty :+)) I was planning to use a DRAFT version using JIM and than editing on the server using HTML. I know I am missing something simple here.

Ideas ....?


To remove that panel on the left just say 'No' when asked if you want to include comments in the exported HTML.