Prototyping Interactions between multiple projects?

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Hi. I'm evalulating Justinmind and would like to know if it is possible to create links between two different prototypes? In my case, I have two applications that have interactions: Web App and Desktop App. Example #1, clicking "help" on the desktop app calls the web app. Example #2, at times it is convenient to have a parent desktop app and a child desktop app so you can see the two screens side-by-side and drag content from one screen to the other. Can I simulate this kind of interaction with JustinMind's prototyping tools?

One solution, I am thinking might work in JustinMind is using the Folder for organizing pages and essentially ignoring the initial page (see enclosed image below). If I were to do this, would this cause any issues in JustInMind? Ie, does the software make any assumptions about the Initial Page that I cannot override? To make this work, I would essentially create a home page (and header, footer, etc) specific to just the pages in the Web App folder. And, then the Window App would get completely different "master" templates than the Web App. Can I do this? What problems might this cause?

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Hi Mikeallen7,

1. If you want to call another prototype and link some data between them, you have to import the full prototype (File-->import prototype). If you don't need to link some data between them, you can create an external link that points to the second prototype, but it must be in a public URL.

2. You can't drag content from one screen to the other. You need to create a screen that simulates it. Here you will find how to simulate a drag and drop:

You have to select an initial page, but it can be empty if you want.

Each screen can have a different template, but if you need to use the same group in different screens that have different templates, you can use a master or you can create your own widget. Here you will find more information about it:



Custom widgets:

Best regards.