Prototypes won't display on Chrome for Mac

tim.ostler shared this problem 8 years ago

The main frame in JustinMind Prototypes does not display in Chrome for the Mac. Is this a known issue and is there a fix?

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by design Google Chrome does not allow a file to access other local files. however, we use Ajax to load local files, hence your prototype won't show up.

you have 2 options:

- generate the prototype without comments (then no Ajax is used)

- or start Google Chrome with an additional startup option:

/Applications/Google Chrome ---allow-file-access-from-files


If you turn off comments you also turn off the navigation sidebar with the list of all pages. Is it possible to have a working prototype under Chrome (Windows/Mac) without comments but with the screen list?


Okay so on Windows this is easy, since the Alias dialog lets you enter the variables. How do I do the equivalent on a MAC?

i.e. I want an icon I can click that will just open Chrome with those settings? Please and Thanks for the help.

Also, Copy/pasting the above into Terminal seems to fail. Unable to obtain profile lock?