Problems with OS X Lion

petteri.miinalainen shared this problem 7 years ago

Following features doesn't work with OS X Lion.

In design mode:

1. Zoom with pinch or any other gesture. Now only manual entry of zoom level seem to work!! Grrrr >:-(

2. No full-screen support

In simulation mode:

3. scrolling with trackpad. i have to click and drag to scroll, very cumbersome and unrealistic experience!! Same applies to scroll-wheel & mouse.

4. html component. I have html-component showing google map and it works in design view, but shows only blank in simulation. Exported html works ok. Really bad.

Looking forward to seeing a quick fix to give me back my productivity.

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Problem number 4 appears to be a bug related to this new version which will be fixed as soon as possible.

Regarding the other points, we will consider including these new features in a future update. We are very sorry about the inconvenience.