Problem outputting to html in 4.6 with a particular file

Rachel shared this question 6 years ago

I'm using 4.6 now, on Mac.

I have a file (let's call it "File A") originally created in 4.4, then edited in 4.5. In 4.6, I added some new screens (let's call this "File B"). When I export to HTML, I get an error message when, in the web browser, I click on links (in the left tree) to the screens that were created in 4.6. I do not get an error when I click on the links to the screens that were created in older version of Justinmind.

If I do a 'save as' on the file, I still get errors.

I tried testing some other files and didn't get an error. Including files that are:

• Created in older version; did not add anything or edit any in 4.6

• Created in 4.6

• I even reopened File A and added new screens in 4.6. I am able to export this successfully.

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Could you contact to client support please? They might require you to take a look at the prototype file .


I did some more tests and it seems to be an issue just with the screens that have spaces and dashes in the screen title.

Example screen title: Lorem ipsum - 01

After I renamed those screens, they show up fine in the export.


Thanks for the help! I'll tell the development team to check it out.