Preserve component IDs when using "Duplicate Panel"

Dave shared this idea 4 years ago

When using "Duplicate Panel," all of the components within the panel lose their IDs, being replaced with "Layer_23," "Rectangle_3," "Group_5," and so forth. The IDs are user data and should never, ever be discarded.

How am I supposed to remember, in a layer that has 100s of components, that "Rectangle_42" is the translucent layer that makes the group behind it appear disabled, or that "Label_12" is a FontAwesome icon for "Delete"?

Please stop destroying our work.

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Hi Dave,

The functionality you are askin for is working for Duplicate. I'll forward your request to the development team; we will let you know in which version it will be added as soon as we know.

I just want to make sure I'm understanding exactly what you mean: when you click on Duplicate panel, do the names of the original panel get discarded too or only the newly created panel?




Hi, Marc,

Sorry I wasn't clear: The original is untouched. It is the new copy that has its IDs reset.