Possible to send a Usernote URL out for comments on a prototype?

mike shared this question 8 years ago

Is there a way to send a Usernote URL out to a list of reviewers to get comments (via Usernote) on a prototype? From what I can see, I have to enter a list of addresses into a system-generated invite form inorder to get such comments. However, my lab often uses a large pool of anonymous online reviewers, so entering a list of email addresses is not really practical.

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Good question!! We haven't thought of this case yet so it is not supported directly from Usernote.

But there is a workaround: invite one person using an email account to which you have access. Then, send the url contained in the invitation email to all the reviewers.

The system requires that all the users that comment a prototype must be authenticated either through the login page or using an specific url (the one contained in the invitation email) but nothing prevents several users from using the same url. The only problem is that all comments will have the same author.

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