positioning widgets in datagrid

Thomas shared this problem 5 years ago

I created a datagrid with a free layout.

I only have one column so the data row (including the only cell in it) are configured to have a free layout.

Even though everything seems to be configured fine, when I add widgets to the datagrid aren't shown on the same position in the tool as in the simulation.

E.g. I added a line in the data row at position 0,30.

When I simulate though the line is shown at 0,50 (or something like that)

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This happened to me yesterday too... I was trying to make something using an unified cell. In the end I had to change it, because the concept was not working for us. But if I had to go with it, it would be really a problem.

Here is a screenshot of inside JIM:


You can see clearly that the line is OVER the image. But when I simulate this is what is shown:

The line slides down by some 15pixels or so... I guess the solution is tweak it until it is in the position you really want, even if inside JIM it is shown wrong... =/

So... same over here.



also, nesting datagrids doesn't work.

These nested datagrids are always shown at the top of the cell (even though I positioned them exactly)