Populating data grid list with entries selected with a toggle in a separate data grid list

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Three part question:

So I currently have one Data Master with values [Name, Location, Value]. On one screen, I have a data grid listing each [Name] with a check boxes acting as toggle next to it. I want [Value] to = 1 when toggle is on, and [Value] = 0 when toggle is off.

Q1) How do I make the toggle remain on or off, regardless of which page I'm on?

Q2) How do I alter [Value] based on the toggle?:

-Currently I have an "on tap - toggle" expression that is "Data Master Option > (Modify) {Row 2 , Name = _____, Location = _____, Value = 1}

Q3) How would I populate a data grid on another page with a list of [Name] iff [Value] = 1

Essentially, how do I choose entries from one list, and populate another list on another page only with the chosen entries.

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Instead of using an onToggle event please use an onTap with the checkbox in the when condition (to know if it is selected or not) and update the datamaster accordingly. your "Data Master Option > (Modify) {Row 2 , Name = _____, Location = _____, Value = 1(or 0)} " should work.

Then in the next page you have to add an OnPageLoad event to filter the rows that have value = 1.

Q1 is implemented directly if you use the method above.

If anything is unclear let me know.