Populate a screen based on a Data Master

Razvan shared this question 5 years ago

Can I get some hints on how to populate a screen with values from a Data Master selected based on a certain value entered in a previous screen?

For example, I have a Data Master that has an 'username', 'first name' and 'address' records, representing a client. The Data Master will have a few clients, identified by the 'username' (username1, username2, etc), each containing details about 'first name' and 'address'.

On an 'OnClick' button action, can I select one row from the Data Master based on what 'username' is entered in an Input field and then display these values on a second screen? (For example, when 'username1' is entered, I want do display on a second screen the values corresponding to this row, so the second screen will display 'username1', 'first name1' and 'address1')

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take a look to this topic. https://www.justinmind.com/community...