Pop-up "gear" menus in Events panel take 2 clicks outside the menu to dismiss

Dave shared this problem 4 years ago

After opening one of the "gear"menus in the events panel, clicking outside of the menu does not immediately dismiss it: the menu momentarily vanishes (not visible in the low-frame-rate GIF below) and reappears. Only after a second click outside the menu does it dismiss itself.

Actual result:

Note: the 2nd click for the "add condition" menu is hard to spot in this 4FPS GIF, but it's easy to see that it takes 2 separate clicks to dismiss the "Interaction name" menu.

Looking closely at the GIF, it appears that the 1st click merely deselects the gear menu (its color lightens perceptably). The second click, then, dismisses the menu. These two events should take place on the same click.

Expected result:

Menu immediately disappears after clicking outside its boundaries.