Please add "copy invite link and password" button to Usernote

Sean Harris shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

See screenshot

Can you guys build something like this?

I dont include my clients as reviewers because of the constant email notifications. I do send them the invite link and password everytime there is an official revision.

Problem is every time I send an email update I have to dig up the link and reset the password and that is tedious.

Otherwise you guys ROCK!!!

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So, you send the same link to all of them? Then they'll write comments using all the same user. Is that what you want?



That makes perfect sense especially when there are multiple people reviewing the project.

I am still getting used to testing via the "simulate" button. Using simulate avoids the email notification that "publish online" gives.

Overall - I would like to have some control over when the reviewer gets notified.

If that means training myself to use the "simulate" button thats OK.

I like the public link because the client doesn't have to create a usernote account to view the wireframes. I think having the ability to grab the public link is a valuable feature.

To add to that maybe have some functionality that give the option to require a registration to leave comments.

Thanks for the clarification .


For the public link you can use the 'create test' button. Then you will be able to get a URL and even send it by email.